Re: We're stuck with each other... great!

From: Michael Ames (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:51:49 MST

"Harvey Newstrom" <> wrote:
Funny you should mention that.... I've been thinking about the "long view"
of my life. [...] A small group of us will be all that
remains of the original transhuman generation. We will be the only
survivors after an entire generation is wiped out or saved. In any case, we
will be an odd minority with a different history and background than anyone
else. [...] We will be a small band of travelers
into the future. Even if the future is full of transhumans, our particular
group will be comparatively small.


This past few years I have had many evenings filled with similar thoughts to
your "long view". I call it -> "being sentimental about the future" and, up
until now, I figured I might be loosing it! (As in: going a bit nuts) I'm
so glad to read those same thoughts echoed by such an intelligent and
obviously sane person as yourself. I fondly hope that, a many years from
now, our "small band of travellers" can have occational reunions (say every
100 years or so) and be sentimental about the __past__ 8) 8/ 8D

Michael Roy Ames

(PS: I'm new to ExI... but a long-time kindred spirit)

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