RE: We're stuck with each other... great!

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 16:11:39 MST

Michael Ames wrote,
> This past few years I have had many evenings filled with similar thoughts
> your "long view". I call it -> "being sentimental about the future"

That's it. I'm nostalgic for the future!

It really does give me a better attitude toward life today. No matter how
bad things get, I think about how I will look back on these tribulations
from the far future and muse about how much I learned. No matter how mad
someone gets me on the list, I think about how we will joke and laugh about
our childish squabblings in the far future. Problems I had in the past
don't seem so important now, and today's problems will probably fade and be
forgotten as well.

I also stick to a healthy diet and keep pushing my learning and my career.
In the far future I will look back and be glad that I didn't waste my time
like so many people around me did. Instead of thinking about what I want
now, I try to think about what the results will be for my far future plans.

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