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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 12:12:59 MST

Anders wrote:

> >
> > By the way, on that forum, Emlyn O'Regan (in Australia) and I (in
> > Vancouver) hooked up to do a collaboration, of which we are in the process
> > of doing as I write. So far, things are looking very promising... I'll
> > update y'all on it when it's done.
>And you know where to turn if you want a rendering for a cover :-)

Oh, definitely! I might include the piece on my forthcoming album
_Reality's Twin_, which is currently adorned with your wonderful cover art
(as is my desktop!). But yes, if you would like to do artwork specifically
for the piece (currently untitled...Emlyn is writing the lyrics), just let
Emlyn or I know. I know Emlyn is about to start work on his second album
shortly as well, so you may be able to do a cover for that as well.

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