Re: a health dilemma.

From: Alex Ramonsky (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 02:33:48 MST

The Ramonsky method of quitting smoking:

Day 1: Every time you want a cigarette, have sex instead. After a few hours
you are too tired to smoke.

Day 2: Your girlfriend proposes to you and the no-smoking plan goes wrong
about here.
Good luck.
Alex Ramonsky

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Subject: a health dilemma.

> i've been smoking off and on since i was about fifteen (four years, or
so). about two thirds
> of that time i've smoked cloves. i want, and need, to quit. i don't have
much faith in
> patches or gum; if nicotine is more addictive than heroin, like they tell
us, then a gradual
> decrease will probably not work. i trust william burroughs on this one.
but i've quit cold
> turkey at least two or three times, and i've always started up again. the
best solution i can
> think of is to not leave utah; since you can't buy cloves here and i
really don't want to
> smoke regular cigarettes ever again. just finish the two and a half packs
i have left, make
> some big ceremony out of my last cigarette, and be done with it.
> however, it's highly likely that i will be leaving this state; and every
time i've started
> smoking again has been because i've gone to minneapolis (my dad lives
there), where
> one can get cloves, and started again.
> if no one here has ever touched cigarettes, than this is probably the
wrong place to be
> asking, but i doubt that, and i'm not a part of any other community that
is so concerned
> with health. so, does anyone have any sort of helpful advice or meme's for
quitting and
> STAYING quit? even stories of how you did it would be appreciated....
> cheshire morgan. i am not alone
> i am not afraid
> i am not unahppy
> these are the words i say to myself every day
> -vnv nation, fearless.

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