a health dilemma.

From: animated silicon love doll (cheshire@velvet.net)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 01:14:19 MST

i've been smoking off and on since i was about fifteen (four years, or so). about two thirds
of that time i've smoked cloves. i want, and need, to quit. i don't have much faith in
patches or gum; if nicotine is more addictive than heroin, like they tell us, then a gradual
decrease will probably not work. i trust william burroughs on this one. but i've quit cold
turkey at least two or three times, and i've always started up again. the best solution i can
think of is to not leave utah; since you can't buy cloves here and i really don't want to
smoke regular cigarettes ever again. just finish the two and a half packs i have left, make
some big ceremony out of my last cigarette, and be done with it.

however, it's highly likely that i will be leaving this state; and every time i've started
smoking again has been because i've gone to minneapolis (my dad lives there), where
one can get cloves, and started again.

if no one here has ever touched cigarettes, than this is probably the wrong place to be
asking, but i doubt that, and i'm not a part of any other community that is so concerned
with health. so, does anyone have any sort of helpful advice or meme's for quitting and
STAYING quit? even stories of how you did it would be appreciated....

cheshire morgan. i am not alone
                        i am not afraid
                        i am not unahppy
                        these are the words i say to myself every day
                -vnv nation, fearless.

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