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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 01:16:10 MST

On 21 Jan 2002, Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

> I think at one point the trailer of the ExI
> principles had an attached "reading list". All
> I can currently find is the page:
> which
> appears to contain no real "fiction".
> Now, obviously it should be a goal of ExI to
> provide a robust reading list to expand the
> community of people qualified to discuss these
> various topics.

Robert -- the current ExI bookstore/bookshop is very far from complete. Please do not make judgments about it based on how it is right now. David Wallace Croft started the new version in December, then became ill, and has recently left as webmaster to pursue writing a technical book. Ziana has taken over, in addition to *many* other jobs. Filling this in is a priority for me. I pulled the now very old reading list from the end of the Principles, with the intention of replacing it with a more detailed on in ShopExtropy (including short reviews).

I welcome suggestions for books to add -- especially if they were already on the old list, and *especially* if they come with one-paragraph mini-reviews explaining why they are of extropian interest. Fiction books certainly have a place.

> One thing that might be a useful "value added"
> is explicit "votes" of the value of the
> individual elements of the "reading list" to
> extropic thought in the opinion of the board
> members and/or others who have read a
> substantial "body" of the literature. (it is
> easy to construct a table of such "ratings"
> [1-5 valuations, "-" if no opinion]).

Yes, that could be very handy. I think we will very soon be able to do this. Harvey is currently developing a new ExI-Community forum which allow us to garner this kind of input from everyone. If you want to help him, please let him know on the ExI-Projects list.



Max More
President, Extropy Institute

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