Re: a health dilemma.

From: animated silicon love doll (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 03:55:35 MST

2002.01.21 2:33:48, "Alex Ramonsky" <> wrote:

>The Ramonsky method of quitting smoking:
>Day 1: Every time you want a cigarette, have sex instead. After a few hours
>you are too tired to smoke.
>Day 2: Your girlfriend proposes to you and the no-smoking plan goes wrong
>about here.
>Good luck.
>Alex Ramonsky

if my fiancee and i were still together... that just might work. *sigh*
(she's probably right, though, we're not even old enough to drink, what are we doing
getting married?)
other than that, i really like your plan! (and, knowing us, it would've gone exactly like that,

cheshire morgan. i am not alone
                        i am not afraid
                        i am not unahppy
                        these are the words i say to myself every day
                -vnv nation, fearless.

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