Re: Making old people very happy through technology!

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 00:09:49 MST

> Spike wrote:
> But I dont see why it has not yet been invented. As a mechanical
> problem it seems soluble, and the market for such a machine would
> be enormous, specifically among the extremely aged. Seems to
> me we could figure out a way to attach some kind of device to
> the genitals of a severely handicapped or ancient person, then
> operate it along with a really good virtual reality. We could make
> it really fun to be really old. Being 90 could be a real hoot.
> (end)
> John Grigg wrote: Spike, just give it time! lol But, I think such old and handicapped people would get trampled over by the hordes of lonely young to middle-aged, able-bodied men who wanted the experience!! I think such a gizmo could over the longterm lead to a great deal more loneliness, isolation and frustration with the
> reality of one's life... John

John I see where you are coming from but still I disagree. I have
personally been thru the heartbreak of Alzheimer's twice, once with
my grandfather and once with Shelly's. In both cases, the men retained
their sexual desire up to the end, or perhaps in even increased. In
both cases, they were married, and in both cases, they were not
allowed to have sexual relations with their spouses! I found this
most disturbing.

In my grandfather's case, he was physically very healthy and he
owned a looooot of money. He had an excellent facility, one
nurse available around the clock for each four patients. But no
sex. I dont understand why that should be.

My grandfather was an inventor and he knew Alzheimers was
eventually going to claim him, well in advance. Had he just a
little more time, perhaps it would have occurred to him to try to
put together devices to comfort him during the bewildering brain
decay and declining period.

I find it unconscionable that a person with sufficient wealth
would get in a situation where they could not use that accumulated
captal to buy extra comfort. Rich people should be able to
buy fun, even after their brains are shot, after they get to the
point where a prostitute would be unlikely to be much help.

In Shelly's grandfather's case, they gave him lingerie ads
from the Penny's catalog, which he thoroughly enjoyed, but I
really feel we could do better than that. {Jeez, couldn't we even
pop for a Victoria's Secret catalog fer cryin out loud?} I partially
blame myself for not sufficiently researching the market to see
if sexual stimulation devices were already available in the mid
1980s for Alzheimer's patients. spike

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