Re: The Integrated Military

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 22:30:22 MST

From: Kimberly Dubbs <>
<SNIP Long Speech>
Ms. Dubbs is basically right on the physical fitness
side of the house (at least in the Navy). I don't
know how it is on Greenside.
  If anything the women are better at staying in
weight standards cause of the "diet culture".
  We get lots of folks come back from playing with
the marines and they think they can do shore duty
and not PT and still drink every night. Almost all
male in point of fact.
  The top level elite athletes are usually men, but
for some odd reason most of the really senior
O-6s you see running the physical fitness tests
after they are officially excused because
of age are female. Some people say lady
captains are inherently tougher. :)
  Again.. it's not the physical fitness standards
that create problems.. it's silly people not being
able to make rational decisons about sex and


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