Making old people very happy through technology!

From: John Grigg (
Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 21:41:50 MST

Spike wrote:
But I dont see why it has not yet been invented. As a mechanical
problem it seems soluble, and the market for such a machine would
be enormous, specifically among the extremely aged. Seems to
me we could figure out a way to attach some kind of device to
the genitals of a severely handicapped or ancient person, then
operate it along with a really good virtual reality. We could make
it really fun to be really old. Being 90 could be a real hoot.

Spike, just give it time! lol But, I think such old and handicapped people would get trampled over by the hordes of lonely young to middle-aged, able-bodied men who wanted the experience!! I think such a gizmo could over the longterm lead to a great deal more loneliness, isolation and frustration with the reality of one's life.

I have a feeling that if your idea is ever fully implemented, we will find the Scandinavian nations doing it. So, Anders in around the year 2063 should be having a great time as an old geezer! ;) Of course, by than he will have become an immensely powerful posthuman with much better things to do!

Eliezer said at one time(to paraphrase), "other people can have their upload sexual fantasies enacted over and over again if they want, but what I desire is to really learn about the universe around me!

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