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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 08:25:39 MST

"estropico >" wrote:
> You've got a point there... despite the program putting a very positive spin
> the potential of genetics (judging from the trailer, anyway...) I have
> already come across a disappointing comment in a UK newspaper, about the
> program: "fascinating and frightening..."
> Then again, this type of reaction is probably inevitable in some sectors of
> the population and more exposure to such memes could take some of the
> yuk-factor away. Not to mention the sapper-memes effect, to prepare the
> general public to much more daring transhumanist ideas...

I think one of the best ways to inject positive extropic memes into the
public is through television media. While ST:TNG's Borg race injected
much negativity into ideas of augmentation and human perfectability, the
later Star Trek Voyager's character Seven of Nine, played by the highly
attractive Jeri Ryan as a cleaned up and re-individualized borg who
retains her borg training and some of its technology did much for the
idea of perfectability as an individual, consensual goal, while
retaining much abhorrence for the coercive collectivism of the Borg

Given that Paramount is open to developing scripts from outside writers,
it would, I think, be a good idea, I think, to write a new character for
the Star Trek: Enterprise series into a script that portrays an
individual with a healthy avocation of pursuit for individual
optimization and perfection. I'm rather disturbed that the luddites seem
to have more influence in the new series, as evidenced by the presence
of the Sulabon race, represented by individuals who are corrupted by
evil time travellers in the pursuit of genetic/physical/mental
perfection. So far we have only seen one 'good' Sulabon character in one
episode. Perhaps we need to write in a new crewman who is Sulabon and a
member of the majority of Sulabon society, who pursue improvement and
perfection as consensual individuals. S/he would serve on the Enterprise
as a sort of scout/intelligence liason in it's continuing conflict with
the time criminals.

Mike Lorrey

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