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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 21:26:14 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Given that Paramount is open to developing scripts from outside writers,
> it would, I think, be a good idea, I think, to write a new character for
> the Star Trek: Enterprise series into a script that portrays an
> individual with a healthy avocation of pursuit for individual
> optimization and perfection. I'm rather disturbed that the luddites seem
> to have more influence in the new series, as evidenced by the presence
> of the Sulabon race, represented by individuals who are corrupted by
> evil time travellers in the pursuit of genetic/physical/mental
> perfection. So far we have only seen one 'good' Sulabon character in one
> episode. Perhaps we need to write in a new crewman who is Sulabon and a
> member of the majority of Sulabon society, who pursue improvement and
> perfection as consensual individuals. S/he would serve on the Enterprise
> as a sort of scout/intelligence liason in it's continuing conflict with
> the time criminals.

They seem to prefer the concept of evil races, so a continuing good
Sulabon would probably get rejected. But perhaps a neutral one...

[On leave at one of the seedier multi-species starports, the crew
witness a brawny Sulabon wrestle various other aliens for show.  After
the show, T'pol walks up to her, curious crew in tow, and starts
speaking quietly.]
SULABON: [notices crew]  Let us speak the human tongue.  So few races'
translators know it, ya?
ARCHER: [surprised] But you do?
SULABON: [smiling] If there is one thing the Sulabon are known for, it
is our quest for perfection.  The dark side of that quest is what drew
your Vulcan friend's interest.  [looks around, smile fading] We should
go someplace less public.
[They wander away from the crowd.]
SULABON: There are rumors floating around my people, rumors of military
buildups and secrets.  They say you humans have even attacked and
destroyed our installations, but I do not believe that.  What harm have
we ever done you?
[Sulabon eventually talks her way into a tour of the Enterprise.  Later,
in the Enterprise's "sweet spot".]
TRAVIS: You're a boomer too, I can tell.
SULABON: If you mean born in orbit and rarely setting foot on a planet,
yes.  Population pressures forced the Sulabon to build orbiting
habitats.  A bit less than half our people are now off-world at any
given moment.  We've come so far in so short a time.
TRAVIS: What do you mean, 'so short a time'?
SULABON:, perhaps it is better if you experienced this for
yourself.  [holds TRAVIS, then gently pushes off the wall so as to be in
zero-g for a minute or so]
TRAVIS: What...what is this?
SULABON: When we were granted the enhancements, we experimented and went
beyond what even our benefactors knew.  I've 'forgotten' a copy of the
results in Dr. Phlox's office; I'm sure he knows what to do with it.
We gained a very weak form of telepathy...and I can tell it's working.
SULABON: I can feel the discomfort this grip gives you.  [shifts
slightly]  And the mild pleasure this one does.  [[Note: hey, they'll
never accept it without some softcore.  ^_-]]
TRAVIS: They're from the future.
SULABON: Yes.  They intend to make us their pawns, but some of us know
better.  Power only corrupts if you let it.  The secret is not to become
dependent.  Make your own power, and let others make theirs, so that you
may become even stronger.
TRAVIS: But they want power for themselves.
SULABON: They are deluded.  They think, by destroying that which was
noble and great in the past, they will be the best of what remains in
the future.
TRAVIS: And they're not the only ones who have contacted you.
SULABON: No, they're not.  I have heard from both sides.  I'm not fond
of either one.  I don't care who is in charge in the future, I just want
a better one than either side offers.  I'm almost worried they are but
two sides of the same vice, playing off each other to suck away
resources from those who would see every sentient being filled with
power, and who would force the rejection of their power over others.
[And so on...]

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