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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 07:28:11 MST

>From: Anders Sandberg <>
>Subject: Re: Media - UK: How to build a human
>...quite a few of us
>transhumanists see anything mentioning our themes as good and positive,
>even when most viewers react negatively. I simply love the
>biology-surrealism of Achille Ghidoni
>(, especially "Evolution 2:
>Biological Landscape", but when I proposed it as a book cover the
>publisher thought it was too yucky and alien - it really made me think.
>We might actually be missing a lot of negative subtext simply by being
>so happy about seeing "our" ideas expressed.

You've got a point there... despite the program putting a very positive spin
the potential of genetics (judging from the trailer, anyway...) I have
already come across a disappointing comment in a UK newspaper, about the
program: "fascinating and frightening..."

Then again, this type of reaction is probably inevitable in some sectors of
the population and more exposure to such memes could take some of the
yuk-factor away. Not to mention the sapper-memes effect, to prepare the
general public to much more daring transhumanist ideas...


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