A Boring Movie

From: Mike Linksvayer (ml@gondwanaland.com)
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 10:12:12 MST

At least a few people on this list highly recommended "A Beautiful
Mind". I saw it before reading those recommendations. Couldn't
understand how anyone could enjoy such pap. Too lazy to write my
own review. Finally Richard von Busack of the free weekly Silicon
Valley Metro has written one for me. An excerpt:

    Howard and Goldsman's anti-intellectual approach to the material
    insures A Beautiful Mind is a disease-of-the-week film shot
    in the dullest colors. Crowe's virility is shorted out here
    for 'Oscar-caliber acting"--the standard sloppy, shoe-gazing,
    awkward little boy portrait of an intellectual.

Full review at http://metroactive.com/metro/beautifulmind-0201.html

  Mike Linksvayer

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