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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 09:05:26 MST

From: Patrick Wilken <>

>>>What right has Hollywood to dramatically re-write a Nobel Prize
>>>winner's life so that it appeals better to those in the midwest?

>>From: Brian D Williams

>>Hey, that's pretty good!
>>You managed to peg both my "stereotype" and my "bigot" meters,
>>and I had the scale set to LOG...

>Perhaps you should tune your meter. Its good to see this
>discussion immediately heading towards an ad hominem attack. Do
>you really think I am a bigot? I am not really sure what you mean
>by "bigot" in this context. If I am going to be insulted it would
>be good to have a clear idea of the insult.

Actually I carefully referenced the statement rather than an
individual. It would take more than a single statement to qualify
an individual as a bigot.

Technically the statement directed against the midwest amounts to
an ad hominem against a third of the country. (east coast, midwest,
west coast.) Only persons who make these statements on a regular
basis (>1) qualify as either east or west coast bigots

I was not insulting you, but with tongue firmly in cheek pointing
out something about a particular statement you made.

>Anyway do you really think that there are no regional differences
>in values across America? I was referring specifically to the
>removal of Nash's bisexuality from the film. Personally I think
>this is in general less likely offend audiences in either SF, LA
>or NY, as compared to Oklahoma City, but I could be wrong. As a
>data point check out:

I understand, but the midwest also includes Chicago which has
vibrant non-traditional sexual communities, and New Orleans forming
a midwest axis of sorts.

>In general I would expect the greatest tolerance to come from
>those in mixed urban environments, but perhaps I am wrong.

I would agree with this.

>I certainly DO NOT believe that most people from the midwest (or
>anywhere else) are particularly homophobic, and if I implied this
>I certainly apologize.

And from another post:

>On further thought you are right. My comment was out of line. It
>was wrong to imply anything about the midwest and I am very glad
>you corrected me. I just was not thinking when I wrote that line.
>My thanks for pulling me up. I appreciate that.

I am equally guilty at times of not being specific enough with

No harm, no foul.... ;)


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