Re: A Boring Movie

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 01:30:50 MST

How amusing. I totally disagree. It was a very well done movie
and I happen to personally know quite a few brainiacs that
resemble the nerds in this film more than a little.

- samantha

Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> At least a few people on this list highly recommended "A Beautiful
> Mind". I saw it before reading those recommendations. Couldn't
> understand how anyone could enjoy such pap. Too lazy to write my
> own review. Finally Richard von Busack of the free weekly Silicon
> Valley Metro has written one for me. An excerpt:
> Howard and Goldsman's anti-intellectual approach to the material
> insures A Beautiful Mind is a disease-of-the-week film shot
> in the dullest colors. Crowe's virility is shorted out here
> for 'Oscar-caliber acting"--the standard sloppy, shoe-gazing,
> awkward little boy portrait of an intellectual.
> Full review at

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