Re: Finally, getting the attention he deserves...

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 08:12:29 MST

John Grigg wrote:
> I have watched with interest how people on the list are practically standing in line to respond to Dr. J's essay about transhumanism. I remember the time he wrote a post which no one replied to, and how miffed he was about it!! Well, it's good to see
he is finally getting the attention he wanted here. ; )

Though, IMHO, it is not deserved. J Hughes, in his writings and shows,
demonstrates to me in how he so skillfully attempts to discredit anyone
who opposes his socialist politics as a 'Nazi' or 'Extremist', as well
as his demonstrated petulance at not being paid attention to, that he is
simply an aspiring demogogue.

As I've warned of in my essay "It's about the Trust" (,
demogogues are the real threat to individual liberties, in how their
primary goal over time is to redefine the words that define our
political landscape, shifting the 'center' with mere talk instead of
force until we are re-enslaved as serfs to a tyrannical power without a
shot being fired.

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