Finally, getting the attention he deserves...

From: John Grigg (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 21:29:11 MST

I have watched with interest how people on the list are practically standing in line to respond to Dr. J's essay about transhumanism. I remember the time he wrote a post which no one replied to, and how miffed he was about it!! Well, it's good to see he is finally getting the attention he wanted here. ; )

I'm glad to hear Dr. J found a home with the World Transhumanist Association. Earlier, I would have thought he would be prime ExI officer material, but I guess not!! lol

With his academic standing and radio show he is in a position to do some good and get the word out. Of course, that would be his own version of the transhumanist "word."

I hope a bridge of understanding can be made between ExI and Dr. J. And hey! If Robert Ettinger of the Cryonics Institute, and Dr. Jerry Lemler of Alcor can reach out to each other in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, than anything is possible!!!

Could I be seeing Max and Dr. J shaking hands at the next extro? Maybe...

best wishes,


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