Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 07:51:53 MST

>From: Dossy <>

>>Max More <> wrote:
>> I share the view you and Damien have expressed. I think Dossy's
>> post reads like a paranoid schizophrenic's thoughts, except more
>> coherent. That's not to say that Dossy is schizophrenic. Maybe
>> he's playing some game. But, yes, I dislike seeing such an
>> irrational (imo!) post on this list.

>Is this specifically about my positing that the 9/11 atrocity
>could have been masterminded by the US government, or the idea
>that our government would do such a thing at all?

>Just curious ...

It's your insistence that it is very very possible despite
overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


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