Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 15:55:45 MST

Dossy <> Wrote:

> Did you look at the URL that Samantha posted?

Yes. According to that ASCII sequence, 40 years ago somebody had a
ridiculous idea that never came close to being carried out. I don't know if
a correspondence with that ASCII sequence and reality can be found but
it wouldn't surprise me if there is one, there is certainly no shortage of
harebrained ideas both in and out of government.
The relevance to 911 is of course zero.

>it IS a very, very real possibility that it's true.

Very very? Let me get this straight, you think the theory that best fits the
known facts, the simplest theory according to Occam's Razor is that the
American government paid the 19 Islamic Hijackers (or suicidal CIA agents)
to crash into both towers of the World Trade Center and The Pentagon and
a farmers field and blew up a Navy warship and two American embassies and
a army barracks in Saudi Arabia and killed 18 American soldiers in Somalia
and used clever computer animation to make a tape of bin laden saying he was
behind it just so that America could go to war and invade the poorest country
on Earth?

I know that radically changing ones worldview is seldom pleasant and
never easy but good god man look at the bizarre mental contortions you
must use to preserve it! The facts are overwhelming that your ideas
need revision, the facts are screaming for attention both literally and

I'd like to say something else. A while back when I got a bit hot under the
collar I wrote some stuff that some said reflected badly on the reputation of
the Extropian Institute. I admit my remarks were intemperate even if quite
correct, at least that's the way I still see it. But I'm curious what these same
people think of Dossy's post. I'd like to know what they think the effect it will
have on intelligent respectable people who read it, how will it color their
opinion of Extropians? It disturbs me that I even have to ask this question,
eight years and several thousand posts ago when I joined the answer
would have been obvious to all. This list has changed, sometimes I
wonder if it's still the place for me. The matter may be moot, after this
post I may be booted off.

        John K Clark

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