Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

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Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 17:11:54 MST

On 2002.01.07, John Clark <> wrote:
> I know that radically changing ones worldview is seldom pleasant and
> never easy but good god man look at the bizarre mental contortions you
> must use to preserve it! The facts are overwhelming that your ideas
> need revision, the facts are screaming for attention both literally and
> figuratively.

Sounds like a very similar rant I hear when I tell people I believe
that computers will someday soon become sentient and intelligent
similar to the way humans are.

I'd sooner try to change the world to match my worldview. This
is what progress is made of.

I wonder if you would have reacted the same way to the first
person that exclaimed "the world isn't flat, it's round!"

> But I'm curious what these same people think of Dossy's post.

I'm sure that "those same people", if they want their opinions
about my post known, they'll share it.

> I'd like to know what they think the effect it will have on
> intelligent respectable people who read it, how will it color their
> opinion of Extropians?

Not all Extropians are cut from the same fabric.

The fact that I present a controversial and unpopular worldview,
you feel is going to make people (especially those who are
intelligent and respectable, as you say) feel negatively towards
Extropians as a whole? If this were the practice of intelligent
and respectable people, to dislike people because they hold
opinions that differ from their own ... I'd question their
intelligence, and find it difficult to respect them.

> It disturbs me that I even have to ask this question,

Then don't. What good did it do, anyhow?

-- Dossy

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