Re: my own 9/11 conspiracy theory

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Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 09:35:22 MST

On 2002.01.07, John Clark <> wrote:
> Damien Broderick <> Wrote:
> > It is not feasible. It is a quite stupid cartoon pseudo-idea. It
> > makes me feel sick to see it here on the extropian list.
> I agree, it is sickening! If I wanted to read National Inquire type
> conspiracy theories I'd buy a copy at the supermarket, and I'd get to
> read a horoscope and learn the diet tips of the movie stars too. We've
> had low quality stuff on the list before but at least the Bermuda
> Triangle people, or the UFO people, or the pill that will cure cancer
> (or turn water into gasoline) but is suppressed by the big drug (or
> big oil) companies people were amusing in their antics; this is not
> funny.

It is sicking, and it isn't funny, but it IS a very, very real
possibility that it's true. And that's what makes it even more
sick, and even less funny.

Did you look at the URL that Samantha posted? I'll repost it
for you in case you didn't see it:

Read the first 3 paragraphs. Then, tell me how not feasible
my scenario really is.

This is a very extropian issue. What happens if the US government
decides to simply kill off people who are working towards fulfilling
the extropian goal if we actually get close enough to look promising
that we'll achieve it?

-- Dossy

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