Re: Bullshit (was : Aid for Afghanistan)

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 11:33:37 MST

Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:

>I called no one names you will note.

It would have been better if you had. The entire point of the list rules is to
outlaw appeals to emotion rather than reason, at least that should be the
point. Mr. Williams made a statement, you said you knew his motivation for
making the statement but you don't say how you figured out such a thing.
When you get around to the content of his post all you say is it's "bullshit",
you don't say why and I can find nothing incorrect in it.
If on the other hand you had called Mr. Williams a name at least rightly or
wrongly there would have been a Implicit reason for your judgement, namely
the thing that he wrote.

>But that was not what 9/11 was about and the thousands killed are
>irrelevant to whether that was what it was about.

What on Earth does that mean? Please explain what "that" and "it"
refer to.

>Tossing them in bullies the question

The question my dear Ms. Atkins is how to prevent more thousands of
"irrelevant" Americans from being murdered by fanatical barbarians who
want to change the world by force and move it in a direction that is not
very Extropian.

         John K Clark

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