Re: Bullshit (was : Aid for Afghanistan)

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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 13:05:50 MST

On 2002.01.03, John Clark <> wrote:
> The question my dear Ms. Atkins is how to prevent more thousands of
> "irrelevant" Americans from being murdered by fanatical barbarians who
> want to change the world by force and move it in a direction that is not
> very Extropian.

In any forward progress, lives must be sacrificed somehow. Whether
it be considered experimentation by some, murder by others, or
self-sacrifice for a cause, they perish.

It's very extropian. If 9/11 isn't a big boost for the extropian
cause, I don't know what is.

The extropes should be pushing the notions of cloning, mass
cryostasis and uploads as technologies and techniques to
make terrorist attacks such as 9/11 pointless, as any "lives
lost" could be restored from a backup (uploads), any potential
survivors could be sent into mass cryostasis (the entire
damage site frozen preserving survivors until they can be
recovered) and cloning/downloads to restore actual dead.

Otherwise, this whole stupid discussion is very off topic for
the Extropians list, and ought to be taken offline/offlist.
It's getting petty and ridiculous.

-- Dossy

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