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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 11:36:01 MST

> > Our disagreement, if there is one, is that I believe that this
> > limitation will become a /more/ significant factor limiting
> > wealth as we advance, and you seem to contend that it will
> > become less of a factor, and that more of our wealth will be
> > informational and such. Your scenario is quite possible, and
> > I won't discount it out of hand, but I can't share it. No matter
> > how much wealth we create over and above natural resources,
> > someone with more natural resources can still create more than
> > someone with less.
> Except for raw matter and energy, what but information and
> technology to use the information would be of benefit after
> deployment of full MNT? How would having other "natural
> resources" be of great advantage. I honestly don't see how.

I'm talking about mass-energy. Are you not listening? Am I
not speaking plain English? There is, essentially, no natural
resource other than mass-energy. But one is enough.

> > Yep, I'm one of those. Owned things get put to effective use;
> > things in the commons are inevitably destroyed and neglected.
> Doesn't it bother you that it is literally impossible to impose
> ownership on every erg of energy? Do you not understand the
> values of commons to innovation?

Two different questions: for one, I reject your childish
we-can't-be-perfect-so-let's-not-try-at-all argument. Ownership
of things works well, today, as it has for centuries, and as
it likely will in the future. As for the second question, I
recognize the value of the public domain of ideas for innovation,
which is why I oppose intellectual property. But no, I do not
in any way recognize that the concept of shared ownership of
capital goods is beneficial in any way to humanity.

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