Re: Mars (sparked by RE: true abundance?)

From: ct (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 08:52:25 MST

> > Nowthen, please, everyone here, stop and think hard: what
> > skills would *really* be *required* for an astronaut ...

> Why would communication from an illiterate cunt (since that is all you
> are allowing) and a pack of wild infants and ill-educated children from
> millions of miles away at hideous cost be worth anything at all to
> anyone?

> It is impossible and too silly a parody to even be amusing.

Awww, come on, Samantha!

I suggest that we send Spike along. First, we'll have to lighten him a
little more than he's already done...amputate all non-essential appendages,
surgically remove one lung, one kidney, a gall bladder, most of his gut,
part of his liver, etc. Then instead of an adult-sized uterus vehicle...have
a newborn baby girl accompany him with that stash of assorted frozen

---maybe the producers of Survivor would be interested in shooting a pilot
of this off-earth version?

Today's bumper sticker:
Well behaved women rarely make history.

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