Re: Mars (sparked by RE: true abundance?)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 21:32:44 MST

>> It is impossible and too silly a parody to even be amusing.

>Awww, come on, Samantha!
>I suggest that we send Spike along. First, we'll have to lighten him a
>little more than he's already done...amputate all non-essential appendages,
>surgically remove one lung, one kidney, a gall bladder, most of his gut,
>part of his liver, etc. Then instead of an adult-sized uterus vehicle...have
>a newborn baby girl accompany him with that stash of assorted frozen

Heeeyyyyy, I hadnt thought of that, ct! You are right, tho, that would
reduce my 125 pound frame to perhaps in the mid 80s and would
surely reduce my need for food. Now yer thinking! Not only that,
but I bring to the table aerospace engineering skills. Of course, most
of this earthbound wisdom would be perfectly useless, along with
most of my knowledge of literature, etc.

That idea of bringing an infant girl wont work tho. That is a definite
no-no, for she would not be a *volunteer*. We can use only those
who want to go so desperately that they would find no meaning in
life here, should they be left behind. We can use only those who
want to go so badly they will gladly have their bodies modified
surgically to be better suited to their new home.

This is something I have pondered long and hard. The embryos
born on Mars are not exactly volunteers either, however humans
in general have considered it perfectly ethical to go off into remote
corners of the world and breed. Let us call this the missionaries
dilemma. I would not be comfortable bringing along a woman
child, for she would not have attained the age of consent. And yet
frozen embryos are fair game, for those born on Mars would not
long for the gravity field triple that of their home planet. Ethicists,
care to comment?

Medics, just outta curiosity, what is the minimum organage needed
to sustain life, assuming one intends to spend the rest of it operating
joy sticks at a control console on Mars? What else besides ct's list
could we remove?

How long before we can surgically transplant a functional uterus
into the body of a man? spike

ps. Samantha, I will save you some time and go ahead and write
out my own insults and hurl them at myself. Ahem. Spike, you are
one truly weird messed-up, twisted, insane, [insert Jeff-Davis-ian
string of adjectives], excuse for a human being! Be gone with you!

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