Re: true abundance?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 18:25:45 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> > wrote:
> >
> > > some have speculated, "free basics" might come with some strings attached...
> Exactly. Free basics in exchange for non-reproduction. The
> free food would contain birth control medications. Everyone
> wins: society could offer educational benefits, shelter, food, you
> name it, and even the conservative element would gain some
> enthusiasm. The medications would be non-permanent, so that
> if the recipients get with it and row their own boat, then they
> can after a few months bear litters of pups. What we still need
> is a medication that makes the men temporarily sterile. Ive heard
> such a thing exists, dont know the details

I am not actually so sure (ala Julian Simon) whether such mandatory
control of population growth is actually such a great thing. I
certainly would not tie it simply to not having a paying gig. Many
quite productive and cretive people may not be doing something that
there is a job slot for although they are clearly highly intelligent,
capable and productive.

> The ladies need not fear mistreatment in such an arrangement:
> as in the old west, even the most inferior examples of womanhood
> would be well protected from those who would do them harm.

What do you mean by "inferior examples of womanhood"? GRRRRRR....

> Now, perhaps the guys would kill each other over the few ladies
> available. Duelling would likely be common. spike

That would cut down on the population of morons until only morons with
fast reflexes were left.

- samantha

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