Re: true abundance?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 16:59:48 MST

> wrote:
> > some have speculated, "free basics" might come with some strings attached...

Exactly. Free basics in exchange for non-reproduction. The
free food would contain birth control medications. Everyone
wins: society could offer educational benefits, shelter, food, you
name it, and even the conservative element would gain some
enthusiasm. The medications would be non-permanent, so that
if the recipients get with it and row their own boat, then they
can after a few months bear litters of pups. What we still need
is a medication that makes the men temporarily sterile. Ive heard
such a thing exists, dont know the details.

Actually, when you think it over, we could remake prison colonies
this way, for those who are serving life terms. Delete the death
penalty, create a prison colony where men and women can live
together in a roach-motel kinda city, difference being everyone
there is sterile. Im sure the prisoners would opt for it in a second.
The main hitch is that there are probably at least 20 to 1 men to women
doing life. That colony would be worse than the Silicon Valley.

The ladies need not fear mistreatment in such an arrangement:
as in the old west, even the most inferior examples of womanhood
would be well protected from those who would do them harm.
Now, perhaps the guys would kill each other over the few ladies
available. Duelling would likely be common. spike

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