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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 22:50:19 MST

Max More wrote:
> At 04:34 AM 1/24/01, you wrote:
> >Russell Whitaker wrote:
> > >
> > > Will say: _luv_ Flight Simulator. Many CFIs (instructors)
> > > maintain that the FAA should certify it as acceptable for
> > > logging simulator flight time.
> >
> >I'm not sure, but I think the company which developed it
> >was purchased by Microsoft. Microsoft has purchased a number
> >of others, but usually somehow manages to screw up good stuff on
> >the long run.
> Sheesh, give it a break Eugene. The fact that you can't stand to see
> someone say *just one* positive thing about Microsoft makes it look like
> you are incapable of an objective view. The vast gulf in perspective
> between some of the programmers and the actual users (who pay for the
> stuff) astounds me. I'm amazed that all this vitriol is reserved
> exclusively for MS and Gates, while Ellison and that hypocritical McNealy
> (the self-described libertarian who runs to the politicians rather than
> competing) are left alone. What's that all about?

I could say many unkind things about Sun and about Oracle personally as
well as some good things. I can even say some good things about MS (and
have). But that doesn't mean that I can draw no valid conclusions about
MS being predominantly a negative force in the software landscape. Its
size and practices make it arguably a strong enough influence to be
singled out a bit.

This doesn't mean that the others are all good. Far from it.

As for the supposed gulf between programmers and actual users, I have no
idea how this enters into the topic. I am both a programmer and a user
on multiple levels in software. This is more false dichotomy.
Programmers are the consumers of development tools so naturally we would
have the most to say (good or ill) about such tools. Those of us who
also are knowledgeable about building such tools can speak about them
even more deeply. We are also the ones that pay for these tools both
financially and in whatever we end up having to go through attempting to
use them. If you want to distrust programmers about development tools
then you are distrusting the feedback of the users of such tools. On
the other hand, if you want to get a valid opinion about programming
practices you should ask someone engaged in such practices.

- samantha

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