Re: MEMES: Pigeon-holing your opponent

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Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 23:39:44 MST

At 11:22 PM 01/24/2001 -0500, Harvey Newstrom <> wrote:
>Samantha Atkins <> wrote,
>>I am very curious why the opinions of myself and Eugene and others are
>>considered "seething hate".
>You have just been bitten by the us-versus-them meme. For some reason,
>most debates are assumed to have only two opposing sides. Guns are a great
>example. Microsoft is another. If you point out any tiny complaint about
>one side, you will suddenly find yourself pigeon-holed as a proponent for
>the other side. You will be attacked for all sorts of assumed viewpoints
>expressed by "your" side. This has happened to me so many times on this
>list that I sometimes question the usefulness of remote communications. <snip>

Here's an example from another list:

> > At 04:33 PM 01/24/2001 -0600, "N. Stephan Kinsella"
> > wrote:
> > >A friend of mine, who is a quasi-libertarian but not extremely well-read
> > >in anarcho-capitalist theory, is researching these matters for a novel he
> > >is writing, with an anarcho-capitalist background.
> > >
> > >He asked me to recommend to him a few essential non-fiction and fiction
> > >works--say, the top 3 of each.
> > >
> > >Any suggestions? <snip>

From: "BigBooster" <>
To: "LibProfs" <>

> Your friend may want to check out Chapter 8 of Restoring The
> American Dream by Robert Ringer; Harper & Row; 1979:
> "Keeping It All in Place."
> This chapter covers some basic "factors" that keep coercive
> political systems in place. For more on this theme, see:
> #TL05T: Thomas Szasz and Slavespeak
> <> <snip>

>From: Stephan Kinsella-home <>
>To: LibProfs <>
>Wasn't Ringer basically a Randian-influenced version of Zig Ziglar/Steven
>Covey/Tony Robbins, one of those Dale Carnegie back-slapping "close the
>deal" "think positive and be successful" types? With the cutesy little
>analogies about tortoises and hares etc.? These motivational speech things
>you can sell for $10k a pop to bloated corporations whose managers actually
>have a day to waste on this fluff, all the buzzwords etc.?
>BTW, for a funny thing, see the Dilbert "Mission Statement Generator," it's

Frederick Mann

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