Re: Legalization of Marijuana

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 20:52:16 MST

Ken: you appear to be cross- or mis-posting to the extro list.

> my inner geek wrote:
> OK. No problem.
> Instead of using the MASS MEDIA (broadcast and newspaper) to legalize
> hemp, you just use references to "".
> The directoy "" contains instructions on how to "pack
> and ship" in a pest-safe container.
> Old people and ridiculously conservative types are generally too
> stupid to click on subtle links or use scroll bars, so that acts as a
> method to "filter" them out of the loop.
> You say, "Mr. Cheney, what do you think of"?
> He says, "No problem. That's the goal."
> Mr.Clinton, what about "".
> "I've already looked at it. I think we all believe in free speech."
> etc. etc.
> Then we tell the phone companies to anonymously re-direct my cell
> phone number (1-888-define-1) to the secret ex-military NSA CIA KGB
> DEA intelligence agents who handle all the international plant growth
> and import export operations. We make a deal with Columbia to ramp up
> productions, improve quality and lower costs, and secretly re-route
> all the unused drug war money to bribe state, county, city and other
> local bureacracies and ISPs to redirect "" to their local
> distributors.
> O.K. Just a thought.

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