Legalization of Marijuana

From: my inner geek (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 19:10:09 MST

OK. No problem.

Instead of using the MASS MEDIA (broadcast and newspaper) to legalize hemp, you just use references to "".

The directoy "" contains instructions on how to "pack and ship" in a pest-safe container.

Old people and ridiculously conservative types are generally too stupid to click on subtle links or use scroll bars, so that acts as a method to "filter" them out of the loop.

You say, "Mr. Cheney, what do you think of"?

He says, "No problem. That's the goal."

Mr.Clinton, what about "".

"I've already looked at it. I think we all believe in free speech."

etc. etc.

Then we tell the phone companies to anonymously re-direct my cell phone number (1-888-define-1) to the secret ex-military NSA CIA KGB DEA intelligence agents who handle all the international plant growth and import export operations. We make a deal with Columbia to ramp up productions, improve quality and lower costs, and secretly re-route all the unused drug war money to bribe state, county, city and other local bureacracies and ISPs to redirect "" to their local distributors.

O.K. Just a thought.

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