Damien Broderick's work on-line

From: Barbara Lamar (altamiratexas@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 15:19:31 MST

I'd feel uncomfortable promoting my own web site on the list, but one of
the main reasons I put it up was to make available some of Damien's work
that hasn't previously been available outside Australia. There's recently
been discussion on the list of the desirability of opening communications
between science and the humanities, and Damien is one of the few writers I
know of who grasps both fields of knowledge and understands the connections
between the two.

In addition to a book's worth of writing on culture and science, there's an
autobiographical page with some interesting photos from Damien's past.

I've fixed the page that was causing problems, and everything seems to be
working okay now. Since I'm a beginner at doing web pages, I'd appreciate
comments and suggestions for improving the site. The URL is:


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