Re: "fundamental rights" experimentally verified

From: Robert Coyote (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 10:11:41 MST

There is a Maxim of law as well as case law that asserts that all rights are
inherently property rights

So do you belive you have property rights?
If not where do you live exactly.. I'l be around later with a U-Hall

And since you have no right to exist at all that can be experimentally
verified, well.... dosvedanya scotiena


Your text referred a lot to terms such as "fundamental rights" or
>"principles". But I do not admit *any* fundamental rights or principles
>other than those that can be experimentally verified. If you say "a
>right to life", I am merely confused. I cannot answer an argument of yours
>if it is based on "a person's right to life", because I don't admit any
>universal rights or principles. You're relying on a fake authority, and I
>don't recognize that authority - it's just as when a catholic leans on the
>Bible in an argument with an atheist. No go.

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