the 'war', if anyone is interested (RE: GUNS:RE: Self Defense)

From: denis bider (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 11:32:24 MST

> > But then we did have a 10-day 'war' 10 years ago, in which
> > something like 10 Slovenians died. (Duh, all 10-s) During
> > that period, it was quite possible to hear more than 3
> > gunshots. Ah well, nobody's perfect.
> And how many people were forced out?

Close to 0. Slovenians, that is. As for Serbians and other "southern
brothers" who live and used to live in Slovenia - after the 'war', our
society didn't treat them very well for some time, and several may have been
deported from our country. The treatment in those years wasn't exactly
correct - mostly because people were angry at Serbs for sending tanks to our
country, and at Croatians for allowing the tanks to pass through. When the
Yugo army headed for Slovenia on Croatian highways, Croatians even cheered
the tanks, just to have them return after 10 days to start a war with
Croatians instead...

By the way, I recently found that the total number of deaths in that 'war'
of ours was 64, on both sides. As far as I recall, the majority of these
deaths was on the side of the Yugo army.

Note also that we didn't win because we somehow 'overforced' the Yugo army,
as the popular belief seems to be (?), but because the army withdrew on its
own accord. Presumably because someone, possibly Milosevic, realized that
we're too far away and that Croatia is a more imminent threat. Croatia,
Bosnia and Kosovo - all of them directly neighbouring to Serbia - then
suffered incredibly more than we ever did.

> I don't think the propaganda you've been hearing is accurate.

Well... the conflict did last something like 10 days, one could see that
with one's own eyes. As for the number of killings, I gathered that from
international sources by browsing the web.

In general, I try _not_ to rely on mainstream sources of information. (Which
is why I don't like CNN - owned by that fine BBS sysop, Mr Steve Case - but
as far as TV news are concerned, there doesn't seem to be a good

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