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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 21:59:15 MST

Bongiorno Serafino,

Here is a small question, the pronunciation of your name. Which syllable or
syllable have the accents? Is the i the long e?

Ross is simple enough to pronounce, Finlayson is pronounced Fin le son.

I was reading your post about time so was reading some other posts.

A friend of mine, Alejandro Cepeda, you remind me of him.


scerir wrote:

> zeb haradon wrote:
> >
> > Although it's impossible to visualize, imagine the universe 4-dimensionally,
> > as a globe. The fourth dimension will be time. At the south pole is the big
> > bang. At the north pole is the big crunch. To move forward in time is to
> > experience only a certain slice of the globe, and then to experience the
> > slice directly above it, and then the one directly above that - moving north
> > from big bang to big crunch.
> > But, the globe doesn't change at all - assuming determinism is true.
> That's the "block universe" model, by H. Weyl and others.
> This model implicates the so called "God's time".
> This issue is discussed in the book "Einstein and Religion"
> by Max Jammer, published in 2000 (or 1999?). I strongly
> recommend this book. Five stars!. And Jammer was a friend
> of A.E.
> -scerir

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