Re: 11 questions about the Universe

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 04:55:07 MST

zeb haradon wrote:
> Although it's impossible to visualize, imagine the universe 4-dimensionally,
> as a globe. The fourth dimension will be time. At the south pole is the big
> bang. At the north pole is the big crunch. To move forward in time is to
> experience only a certain slice of the globe, and then to experience the
> slice directly above it, and then the one directly above that - moving north
> from big bang to big crunch.
> But, the globe doesn't change at all - assuming determinism is true.

That's the "block universe" model, by H. Weyl and others.
This model implicates the so called "God's time".
This issue is discussed in the book "Einstein and Religion"
by Max Jammer, published in 2000 (or 1999?). I strongly
recommend this book. Five stars!. And Jammer was a friend
of A.E.

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