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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 00:03:35 MST

>From: Harvey Newstrom <>

>I always theorized that time bounced back-and-forth in both
>directions. After time flows from the big bang to the big crunch, it
>would bounce back and flow the other way The big crunch played
>backwards becomes the big bang for the next iteration of the
>universe. Our big bang was the previous big crunch likewise reversed.
>I have absolutely no evidence for this view.
>Harvey Newstrom <>

Although it's impossible to visualize, imagine the universe 4-dimensionally,
as a globe. The fourth dimension will be time. At the south pole is the big
bang. At the north pole is the big crunch. To move forward in time is to
experience only a certain slice of the globe, and then to experience the
slice directly above it, and then the one directly above that - moving north
from big bang to big crunch.
But, the globe doesn't change at all - assuming determinism is true.
So I'm saying, the thing you said above doesn't even make any sense. For
time to "move forward" just means that you're looking at one slice of
space-time after another, and doing so in a certain direction. For time to
move backward means you'd be looking at it in the opposite direction, but
spacetime itself remains a static 4-dimensional structure. I have absolutely
no evidence for this view.

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