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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 22:28:15 MST

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>From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>
>Subject: Re: GUNS: Re: Self Defense
>James Rogers wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>> > So, I don't think America's aversion against banning guns has any rational
>> > structure at all. There is no need to buy them back. There is no need to be
>> > easy on guns. You just ban them, instate a heavy fine on owning illegal
>> > weapons, and that's it. Give everyone a year or two to get used to the fact,
>> > and the problem is solved.
>> "no need to buy them back"? Do you realize how much money many people
>> have invested in firearms? Considering that the a quarter of the
>> population owns guns in the US, and that most of them probably have guns
>> and accessories valued in excess of a thousand dollars, this would be an
>> extraordinarily vile policy and extremely unpopular.
>With the number of privately owned guns at around 245 million guns in
>the US, at a typical value of, say, $500, thats a confiscation of about
>$100 billion worth of private property. Thats more than the entire value
>of many countries (likely greater than the value of Herr Bider's home
>country of Slovenia). How would you like it if a neighbor, say, Italy,
>had a communist government and decided to confiscate the entire country
>of Slovenia from its allegedly freedom loving citizens because it
>decided that they couldn't be trusted with their freedom as an
>independent nation? That is exactly the scale of the sort of measure Mr.
>Bider is proposing.
>Of course, a government that thinks it can tell a $100+ billion company
>like Microsoft how to run its business is only a hairs breadth from
>doing just that...
Have y'all completely closed down exi-freedom? It seems as if you've moved its entire content over to the Extropy list. I know; good, obedient and dutiful zombic memebots crave and need their audience, willing or otherwise...

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