Re: Extremism

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 13:28:01 MST

Sure, and other people waste inordinate amounts of time on subjects I
could care little or less than nothing about, and which IMHO have
absolutely nothing to do with extropy, and which do nothing for me but
waste my bandwidth and mailbox space. I don't, however, get all anal
retentive about it, I don't rant on and on about how they get off over
it or make aspersions to their sexual adequacy. Because I don't exhibit
such behavior, and people like Joe and yourself do, I find it hard to
take seriously him or anyone who allies themeselves with him.

I did not restart this thread, and I have repeatedly requested that it
be moved to exi-freedom, so I can't take your complaints of my behavior
seriously if you continue to pout and stamp your footies about it.

Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
> What you don't seem to understand, Michael, is that you are a part of the
> problem. Your continued insistence in accusing Mr. Joe Dees of being the
> sole source of the incessant gun blather is:
> a) Very hard to take seriously
> and:
> b) A primary source of the incessant gun blather.
> I might also note that you followed this post by no less than 6 posts in
> which you mention either GUNZ, Joe Dees... or both.
> ...and I just wasted fifteen minutes of my morning thinking about this
> infernal subject.

And I wasted two hours wading through the garbage that some other people
consider worthwhile. We all have bad days. Fortunately for me, Joe is no
longer a part of them. If you don't filter him out, then the problem is
with YOU, not me.

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