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Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 02:15:52 MST

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> I don't, however, get all anal
> retentive about it, I don't rant on and on about how they get off over
> it or make aspersions to their sexual adequacy. Because I don't exhibit
> such behavior, and people like Joe and yourself do, I find it hard to
> take seriously him or anyone who allies themeselves with him.

Oh please. 'Allies' themselves? What is this-- a game of Diplomacy? While
I understand your need to pigeon-hole my position on this matter to save
precious discretionary brain power, it really is not demonstrative of very
much imagination.

> I did not restart this thread, and I have repeatedly requested that it
> be moved to exi-freedom, so I can't take your complaints of my behavior
> seriously if you continue to pout and stamp your footies about it.

You are hilarious. Where do you get these tactics from Lorrey, the
playground? Watching you pull out the "don't be such a baby," defense over
and over again is quite amusing. Obviously you've experienced some success
with it; you employ it with uncommon predictability. Hey, its a great
tactic, and doesn't necessitate the forming of an actual -argument!-
instead, just claim that those who disagree with you are whiners-- if they
protest, do it again! What fun.

It would be remarkably refreshing to see you (or anyone else, for that
matter,) take -some- responsibility for the continuation of content that is
clearly a matter of personal interest and only tangentially related to
purpose of this list.

Here, I'll start:

I'd like to apologize for throwing in my two cents. These interjections
rarely serve the intended purpose: it is clear that it will serve only to
increase noise on this list-- now we all have to endure Michael's
counter-attacks, my counter-attacks.... blah, blah, blah, boring, boring,

My post was a reflexive reaction to what I perceive as increasingly
insidious list damage, and clearly unhelpful.

I promise not to respond publicly to Michael's response to this post unless
he adds something other than ridicule to the discussion.

On a lighter, related note, is anyone interested in/aware of a mailing list
dedicated to the intelligent discussion of the constructive application of
technology, culture and art towards improving and transcending the human
condition? I think I'm still looking for a home-- would appreciate feedback
on this.



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