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Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 11:50:28 MST

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> I completely understand the list members stress related to this, and
> nobody can say I have not tried to move this discussion to the
> exi-freedom list repeatedly, which he has refused to do. I personally do
> not consider shutting him down by identifying his lies, extremism, and
> hypocrisies publicly to be spamming the list so long as the list is
> willing to continue to tolerate his willfull lying, extremism and
> hypocrisy. I have placed him back in the trashbin, so as long as the
> rest of you are willing to tolerate and buy into his BS, you are welcome
> to him.

What you don't seem to understand, Michael, is that you are a part of the
problem. Your continued insistence in accusing Mr. Joe Dees of being the
sole source of the incessant gun blather is:

a) Very hard to take seriously


b) A primary source of the incessant gun blather.

I might also note that you followed this post by no less than 6 posts in
which you mention either GUNZ, Joe Dees... or both.

...and I just wasted fifteen minutes of my morning thinking about this
infernal subject.



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