Re: Extremism

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 07:29:34 MST

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> This is why your methods are so offensive to the rest of the list.
> Your goals (in this case only) do not match the goals of the list.
> You are spamming hundreds of extropians with messages that are not
> really directed to them, but are part of your master plan. You are
> using this list, not for extropian conversation, but for political
> maneuvering to catch an opponent in a political position. The rest
> of us on this list are not oblivious to your machinations. We have
> been forced to endure this entire episode intermixed with our list
> data stream, knowing full well that it was not directed toward us or
> related to list business.
> Your on-topic posts are certainly interesting and welcome! However,
> I think I speak for many on this list when I ask that you not involve
> us or this list in your political battles in the future. Postings to
> this list should only be made for the benefit of the list members and
> should be limited to discussion of extropian ideas. Other usages of
> this list outside its intended purpose is a form of abuse.
> Please consider this position the next time you find yourself in a
> similar situation in the future.

I completely understand the list members stress related to this, and
nobody can say I have not tried to move this discussion to the
exi-freedom list repeatedly, which he has refused to do. I personally do
not consider shutting him down by identifying his lies, extremism, and
hypocrisies publicly to be spamming the list so long as the list is
willing to continue to tolerate his willfull lying, extremism and
hypocrisy. I have placed him back in the trashbin, so as long as the
rest of you are willing to tolerate and buy into his BS, you are welcome
to him.
"Societies get the government they deserve" and all that rot. Societies
that prefer high crime to individual liberty will get just that, and
lists that prefer mentally unstable individuals posting rants and
excretory comments demonizing other list members will get a list full of
just that sort of person.

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