Re: Extremism

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 19:50:57 MST

"Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote,
>While I admit I participated in baiting him, it was merely providing him
>with the rope he hung himself with (once again), despite my best efforts
>in trying to caution him against his folly. This time, not only did he
>spam and flame the list (once again), but we documented him lying and
>being hypocritical (and continued in this behavior after it was pointed
>out to him, which is highly irrational), such that I think that its
>rather clear to all and sundry that Mr Joe Dees is a troll, an extremist
>with significant problems restraining himself verbally and a lack of
>connection to reality, and a lack of ability to tell the truth, who sees
>himself as a martyr of some sort, who will appoint himself as list
>crusader and defender of the faith (despite being the one who was
>previously kicked off the list, while I was not, contrary to his claims,
>and despite nobody I know of asking him to do so).

This is why your methods are so offensive to the rest of the list.
Your goals (in this case only) do not match the goals of the list.
You are spamming hundreds of extropians with messages that are not
really directed to them, but are part of your master plan. You are
using this list, not for extropian conversation, but for political
maneuvering to catch an opponent in a political position. The rest
of us on this list are not oblivious to your machinations. We have
been forced to endure this entire episode intermixed with our list
data stream, knowing full well that it was not directed toward us or
related to list business.

Your on-topic posts are certainly interesting and welcome! However,
I think I speak for many on this list when I ask that you not involve
us or this list in your political battles in the future. Postings to
this list should only be made for the benefit of the list members and
should be limited to discussion of extropian ideas. Other usages of
this list outside its intended purpose is a form of abuse.

Please consider this position the next time you find yourself in a
similar situation in the future.

Harvey Newstrom <>

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