Re: "God Does Not Play Dice..." --was Re: That idiot Darwin

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 09:11:03 MST

 John Marlow <> Wrote:

>> the fact that evolution can't explain it [that there is something rather
>>than nothing] either is no proof the idea is wrong.

>So far as I'm aware it doesn't attempt to explain

Correct, evolution can no more explain the whole shebang than the God theory can,
it doesn't even try to, so why did you bring it up? [ Yes Damien I read Smolin's book
but he's talking about the shebang not the whole shebang]

>>Are you saying they'd [the original bible] be more important than
>>Mother Goose?


I don't understand. Why should ancient Sumerian fairytales be more profound
than 19'th century European fairytales?

>Einstein is generally acknowledged to have been,
> primarily, a mathematician.

Baloney! Einstein was never interested in mathematics in itself,
only in what it could do. His contribution to pure mathematics is precisely
zero, he never even tried to do more.

>He had little professional contact or acces to the literature of physics

Some truth to that, because of anti-Semitism he couldn't get a job at a
university and he was a bit out of the main stream of physics working at the
patent office, but to say he wasn't trained as a physicist is ridiculous, he got
his Ph.D. in 1905 for goodness sake. I'd call a Ph.D. training.

>the biggest breakthroughs often come from those outside the fields
>affected by the breakthroughs.

I don't know about that but I'll tell you one thing, the biggest crackpots certainly do.

And by the way, that famous quote you like from Einstein "God Does Not Play Dice"
well we now know he was almost certainly wrong about that. God is a dice playing fool,
in fact He not only plays dice He sometimes rolls them where they can't be seen.

        John K Clark

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