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From: John Marlow (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 23:49:59 MST

--- John Clark <> wrote:
> John Marlow <> Wrote:
> ...
> Next time you see that God guy, you ask him from me
> How does your theory account for the creation of the
> whole shebang?

**Next time I see HER, I will...

 If there is a God even He doesn't
> know
> why there is something rather than nothing

**Says who? And who said anthropomorphic, anyway?

, so the
> fact that
> evolution can't explain it either is no proof the
> idea is wrong.

**So far as I'm aware it doesn't attempt to explain

> >the Bible is a botched and condensed
> translation at least
> >three times removed from the original Sumerian
> texts
> Are you seriously trying to tell us that if we did
> have those silly
> original Sumerian texts we'd know more science today
> than we do
> today?

**No--I'm seriously saying creationists aren't even
basing their argument on the proper texts, i.e.--the
texts they believe unaltered-since-inception are not
even original. Thus a rational mind cannot support
their assertions; they don't know what they're talking
about--scientifically OR religiously.

Are you saying they'd be more important than
> Mother Goose?

**Absolutely. And, btw, some of them are still around.
Not in good shape, mind you--but still around.

> >Einstein was not trained as a physicist.
> My, that's rather a foolish thing to say now isn't
> it.

**Einstein is generally acknowledged to have been,
primarily, a mathematician. He had little professional
contact or acces to the literature of physics and was
quite young and working in a patent office while
working out his early theories--including special
relativity (1905). It was after this that he became
widely recognized and also a professor of, yes,
physics at the University of Zurich--in 1909, years
after the breakthrough (at which point his abilities
and their relevance to the field of physics could not
be denied). He was, however, teaching (high
school)mathematics in 1901, but could not get into a
university(!) Mathematician Marcel Grossman's father
got him a job in the patent office because no
university would have him.

**If you'll look back, my point was that the biggest
breakthroughs often come from those outside the fields
affected by the breakthroughs. Einstein had some early
schooling in mathematics and physics, but he was
almost completely unknown in the physics community; an
outsider; a man who could not find a university
post--a mathematician.

john marlow

> John K Clark

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