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Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 17:49:25 MST

On 14 Jan 2001, at 11:11, John Clark wrote:

> John Marlow <> Wrote:
> >>Me:
> >>Are you saying they'd [the original bible] be more important than
> >>Mother Goose?
> >Absolutely.
> I don't understand. Why should ancient Sumerian fairytales be more profound
> than 19'th century European fairytales?

**Because they can teach us something about the first confirmed human
civilization--which Mother Goose, last time I checked, could not.
Though perhaps it's been revised...

> >Einstein is generally acknowledged to have been,
> > primarily, a mathematician.
> Baloney! Einstein was never interested in mathematics in itself,
> only in what it could do. His contribution to pure mathematics is precisely
> zero, he never even tried to do more.
> >He had little professional contact or acces to the literature of physics
> Some truth to that, because of anti-Semitism he couldn't get a job at a
> university and he was a bit out of the main stream of physics working at the
> patent office, but to say he wasn't trained as a physicist is ridiculous, he got
> his Ph.D. in 1905 for goodness sake. I'd call a Ph.D. training.

**After he had done much important work.

> >the biggest breakthroughs often come from those outside the fields
> >affected by the breakthroughs.
> I don't know about that but I'll tell you one thing, the biggest crackpots certainly do.

**Almost always!

> And by the way, that famous quote you like from Einstein "God Does Not Play Dice"
> well we now know he was almost certainly wrong about that. God is a dice playing fool,
> in fact He not only plays dice He sometimes rolls them where they can't be seen.

**What a Character, huh? We'll just have to ask Him about that one


john marlow

> John K Clark

John Marrek

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