_Mission to Mars_

From: Brent Allsop (allsop@fc.hp.com)
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 18:05:19 MST


        I agreed with John Grigg who said it was a good movie but
nothing like 2001 which was very similar.

        But I don't much really care for "style" or whatever so much
as I do real content and real meaning in a story. And basically, all
the story lines on every ET movie to date, including Star Trek, ET,
2001, Contact, Mission to Mars, and all the rest (including all
religious ideas about some powerful God out there hiding from us..)
are so absurd and ridiculous when you think about them. Are you
listening ETs!!!??? Gods!!!???? screw your "prime directive", or any
other "theodicy" or excuse you can come up with for hiding and not
helping. Please get down hear and do whatever you can to help me save
my parents and everything else who is about to die.

        I guess, as long as there is something dieing about every
second or so on this planet, I won't be satisfied with an ET movie
until the ETs in the story come rushing in with their hospital ships,
emergency rescue vehicles, sirens a blazing and lights a
flashing... or whatever, and do all they can to help save those people
from dieing before anything else. What's all this crap about: "What
would you ask a more intelligent alien?" The answer, it seems to me,
should be obvious. The question should be: "How can I save my grand
parents... and everything else that is about to die down here before
it is to late!?"



        It seems so absurd to think that some supper aliens would have
some impersonal head sculpture, (with a single alien that remained
behind hidden in it?) that would kill humans if they failed some kind
of test... or accidently kill someone if he was next to the monolith
when something came through it as in 2001/2010...

        Once a supper alien has helped me save my friends, family,
pets... from dieing, then I might wonder what I would ask next. How
smart does an ET have to be before he knows that that is the one and
only most fundamental and important of all question or issue that must
be dealt with first before anything else?

        Until a movie or story or religion gets at least remotely
close to such a plain, simple, and fundamentally obvious truth, I'll
be very disappointed with any ET story or depiction of some supposed
powerful God in some religion or whatever. How can we, as a society,
be so completely blind and ignorant in all of our Sci-Fi fantasies and
our religions to what seems to me to be so blatantly obvious?

                Brent Allsop

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