RE: _Mission to Mars_

Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 09:18:28 MST

Sci-fantasy genre eh? "City of Lost Children" is a favorite of mine - the
imagery is amazing, the cinematography incredible.


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> > > Long ago I concluded that a decent science fiction movie
> only gets made
> > about
> > >
> > > once a decade. Would-be claimants to this honor can
> keep working: The
> > > slot for this decade is still open.
> >
> > Until I saw "13th floor" I was of the opinion that no
> decent SF movie HAD
> > been made. 13th Floor isn't really all that good...but
> it's head and
> > shoulders above most other SF movies......
> I thought "eXistenZ" was better than "13th Floor," but both were more
> believable than "The Matrix." The last, however, had the
> best effects and
> once I got past the stupid premise, it was okay, if a little
> predictable.
> I'd still like to know what would've happened if he took BOTH pills.:)
> However, none of the above would be on my list of the best
> science fiction
> films of the past ten years. On that, I'd probably place
> "The Ghost in the
> Shell" and "Dark City" near the top. Surely, the latter was
> more science
> fantasy, but it was done well, both in effects and story.
> The former was
> excellent, though the dialogue is a bit wordy and too fast.
> Maybe this is
> part of the translation. (It's Japanese anime and instead of
> the usual
> space opera crap, it's actually a cyberpunk cartoon with a flair for
> realism.) "The Arrival" was also good, though not original.
> It hearkens
> back to 1950s style paranoid scifi film, but it's updated very well.
> "Twelve Monkeys" might also be in there, though given the time travel
> premise, it's more fantasy than science to me.
> I'm sure I missed others. I did see "Pi" which was a good effort, but
> flawed nonetheless. It's not in my picks. See my Film/TV
> section at my
> site for more of my tastes in this area.
> Maybe we could all get together and put out a list of what
> our favorite
> science fiction films were... Whoa! That would be a nasty
> thread that
> would probably rise again and again, wasting bandwidth...
> And I'm sure it's
> already been done here.:/
> Cheers!
> Daniel Ust

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